Is Marinol Legal?

Since marijuana isn't legal in some states, even for medical use, many people ask, "Is Marinol legal?" The answer to the question is, "Yes, Marinol is legal" There are state and federal regulations for this drug prescription and its use.

Just because it is legal, it doesn't assure insurance companies will cover the cost of this drug, which will prohibit its use in some patients.

It is a widely available drug when prescribed for approved conditions, such as but not limited to:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Glaucoma

Prescription Affecting Drug Test

Even though Marinol is legal, it can still affect a drug test and even someone who has a valid prescription may not get a job if they test positive for marijuana, be sure to inform your employer beforehand. The reason is that taking it can affect job performance and on the job safety for example operating heavy machinery. Legally taking this pill form of THC with a valid prescription should not affect the choice of an employer on hiring someone.

Smoke Marijuana For Medical Purposes

There are no federally approved drugs that are administered by smoking because of the damage it can cause to the respiratory system. It is legal for people to get special authorization to smoke marijuana for medical purposes in about one third of the states in the US and in those states; people may choose to do that instead of taking it in pill form.

For those who don't wish to smoke marijuana, want consistent dosing, or cannot smoke it legally in their state to relieve medical symptoms, Marinol is a great legal alternative. It is only legal if prescribed by a doctor and taken as prescribed.

Marinol manufacturers have to follow strict guidelines just like any other drug manufacturer.