Marinol and Dry Mouth

Marinol is also known as Dronabinol. Marinol is used medically to treat symptoms from chemotherapy treatment and other health problems. Though many have success with using this drug, it can cause side effects, like dry mouth. Side affects are usually mild and the benefits usually outweigh them. It can treat nausea, weight loss, and vomiting from treatments, like chemotherapy and diseases, like AIDS. It has also been successful in treating eye disease, like glaucoma. Only a doctor can prescribe marinol and it is usually taken orally.

Dry Mouth Is a Side Effect of Marinol Use

Other side affects besides dry mouth may be experienced using marinol. Some of the side affects of marinol do not need medical intervention and may include the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Euphoria (high)
  • Anxiety
  • Memory changes

Serious side affects that may need medical intervention include severe allergic reaction, abnormal thinking, behavior changes, fast or irregular heartbeat, hallucinations, extreme memory problems, mental health issues, seizures, severe dizziness, and changes in vision. It is important that a health care professional is aware of any side affects from marinol.

Dry Mouth Symptoms

Symptoms of dry mouth can vary from per person due to factors like hydration, side effects of illness, and amount of marinol that is used. Symptoms include a sticky feeling in the mouth, persistent drinking, thirstiness, sores on mouth and lips, dry, scratchy throat, increasing dry cough, tingling of the tongue, bad breadth, hoarseness, and sore throat. The tongue may become dry and cracked along with the corners of the mouth. Functions like swallowing, talking, tasting, eating, chewing, etc. may become decorate.

Treating Dry Mouth from Marinol Use

Keeping properly hydrated is one of the first defenses against dry mouth. Dry mouth can be controlled by taking sips of water or unsweetened juice regularly. You can stimulate saliva production by eating foods that make you chew, chewing on gum, sucking on hard sugar free candy, or sucking on something like an olive or cherry pit. A humidifier can help with feeling dehydrated and a dry mouth.

For severe problems with dry mouth, there are drugs that can reduce the sensation of dry mouth. The two drugs that are used for this are Pilocarpine (Salagen™) and Cevimeline ( Evoxac™). A health care professional can be consulted regarding treating dry mouth with these drugs.

Effects of a Dry Mouth

When you have a dry mouth from marinol use, the chances are that you have a health issue that caused you to start using marinol to begin with. Often the health issue will affect your immune system. A dry mouth is more prone to irritation, which can allow an infection to enter the body. When your mouth is dry avoid eating hard or sharp foods that can irritate the mouth. Use a disinfecting mouthwash regularly to avoid infection. The following can contribute to further drying your mouth:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Spicy foods
  • Sugar
  • Carbohydrates
  • Smoking

People, who abuse drugs or alcohol, have high or low blood pressure, have heart disease, or are pregnant and will not be prescribed marinol because of the risks. Those with some types of mental illness, mental disability, or taking medications that interact negatively with marinol also will not be prescribed this type of treatment.

Dry mouth is a mild side affect that is worth managing to have the benefits of marinol like helping to minimize the side effects from chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS, and other serious health problems.

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