Marinol For Spasticity

What is your point of view on using Marinol for Spasticity, which is an extreme muscle tension? Are you for it or against it? Either way, studies have shown the possibilities of to diffuse the pain caused by Spasticity. The patients who used Marinol for treatment notice just temporary recovery and as soon as they quit using the medication their symptoms remain.

The most common causes of Spasticity are brain trauma, stroke, phenylketonuria, spinal cord injury, and many more causes.

Prescription used for treatment may include these medications:

  • Diazepam
  • Clonazepam
  • Baclofen
  • Dantrolene
  • Marinol

However, there are many other options for treatment for this condition for example:

  • Botox injections
  • Phenol injection
  • Nobilone for Spasticity
  • Stationary bike helps Spasticity
  • Herbal remedies

If Spasticity is disturbing your happiness and typical treatment isnít providing the wanted results, you should suggest testing Marinol to diffuse your symptoms.

Marinol Doasage

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