Marinol For Pain

There are many diseases, medical conditions, and injuries that cause chronic pain. This pain can last months or it can last a lifetime. For some, traditional pain medication isnít an option and for others with chronic pain, the choice is not to use pain medication.

Anyone who doesnít want to use traditional pain medications there is the option of synthetic THC, which is known by the trade name, Marinol. Pain can be successfully managed with Marinol. It can also help with weight loss that often accompanies chronic or consistent pain.

Marinol Treating For Pain

Diseases, medical conditions, and injuries that have chronic pain may not have a cure and long-term administration of pain medications can cause side effects. Though Marinol does have side effects, they are often milder than those from other medications. Marinol is effective in managing pain for the following:

  • Cancer treatment
  • Lymphoma
  • Chemotherapy
  • HIV
  • AIDS
  • Injury
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Back pain
  • Spinal cord injury

A medical professional can determine if Marinol should be prescribed. Some people prefer marijuana for pain instead of Marinol.

Marijuana or Marinol For Pain

Marijuana is sometimes preferred by some patients to manage pain. Many doctors prefer Marinol (dronabinal) because the dosages are consistent and there are not other ingredients that can cause side affects or interact adversely with other medications. There are also no side affects or risks from inhaling like there are with smoking marijuana.

Those who prefer marijuana for medicinal use usually donít like the fact that Marinol is artificial and may not contain all the properties and ingredients necessary for relief. When using marijuana for medical use, it is important to use pure marijuana that doesnít have additives or other enhancing drugs added to it. Marijuana may be more difficult to obtain because it is illegal in many places. Marinol is available legally by prescription.

Marinol Prescription For Pain

Before a doctor will prescribe Marinol to treat pain, a thorough evaluation will be done. If there are mental health issues or a history of any kind of substance abuse, Marinol usually isnít prescribed because there is a risk of it worsening existing mental health issues and there is a risk of abuse of the medication.

Once it is prescribed, a patient will be monitored for adverse side affects. Commonly Marinol is taken two times a day, at breakfast and dinner, before eating. Small dosages (2.5 mg) are usually taken at first and then gradually increased as the patient becomes more tolerant of the medication. Dosages may be increased to as much as 20mg per day.

Some relief is often felt within an hour of Marinol administration with the peak benefits occurring between 2-4 hours. The effects can last from 4-6 hours. The marinol side affects may or may not be worth the pain relief that the drug provides.

If unsure if Marinol is the right choice for pain relief for a specific condition, a healthcare professional should be contacted. The only way to know if it will be effective is to try it and find out. Caution should be used because there is a risk of addiction.

Marinol Drug Test

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